How to Play Stars Invaders

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We have ignition: launch yourself into an interstellar, extraterrestrial Slots experience with Stars Invaders, an exclusive Slot game that rockets classic one-armed bandit features into the far future of space.

Don your spacesuit and you’ll jet off to a world of five paylines, three reels and several wild symbols. It’s simple and spartan, but this minimalist game has plenty of ways to line up a winning combination with three consecutive symbols on a payline. This is bolstered by the game’s main feature, the Wild Multipliers.

The Stars Invaders logo acts as the wild symbol, substituting in payline wins for all other symbols, but additionally applying a multiplier value of 2x, 3x, 4x or 5x to the payline win. Hitting multiple wilds on the same payline will result in cumulative multipliers – for example, a payline win featuring two 4x multipliers will result in a 16x multiplier to that win.

How Much Can You Win?

There’s the chance to win up to 80x your line bet when hitting multiple wilds.

Speaking of big wins, Stars Invaders boasts a four-tier Progressive Jackpot: Mega, Super, Midi and Mini. These are all represented by coins, and hitting three of the same coin will result in the respective jackpot being awarded.

Overall Opinions: Who Should Play Stars Invaders?

Any fan of classic, old-school style online Slots will enjoy the stripped-down and minimalistic gameplay of Stars Invaders. However, if you’re into today’s neon-decorated, jackpot-awarding modern-day Slots then this game will also be up your street.

Stars Invaders Features

Paylines: Five
Reels: Three
Scatter: None
Wild: Stars Invaders Multipliers
Bonus features: Wild Multipliers, Progressive Jackpot
Provider: The Stars Group

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