How to Play Scratchcards

The excitement and anticipation of Vegas gaming boils down into one moment with our suite of Scratchcard games.

How to play

To begin, select your stake for each card. This is the amount that will be deducted from your Stars Account balance for each card.

To start the game, press the ‘Buy Card’ button. The selected stake will be deducted from your balance and you receive a scratchcard.

Pressing ‘Reveal’ will reveal each scratch area in turn. Then, wipe the foil away from the card by holding dragging over the card; the values are then revealed and three matching symbols will result in a win.

The maximum win and win hit rate for each Scratchcard game will be available in the in-game widget.

Available Scratchcard Games

  • Scratch 4 Stars
  • Scratch 4 Rubies
  • Scratch 4 Gold
  • Scratch 4 Diamonds
  • Scratch 4 Emeralds

The theoretical Return to Player of our Scratchcard games ranges from 92.03% to 94.07%.