How to Play Frog of Fortune

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The Frog of Fortune is a crazy five reel, 20-payline Slot with an arcade style Free Spins Bonus feature capped with a unique Super Spin. This game also has seven base game reel modifiers to help you maximise the fun and the wins.

With a wild symbol that can substitute for all other symbols (except for the scatter) to help create a winning combination, not to mention a scatter symbol that can launch a super Free Spins feature, the highlight of this Slot is its famous reel modifiers.

During the base game, on every spin, there will be a chance that Mr Frog will award one of the following modifiers:  

Smokey Dokey Wilds: This is where one to five reels turn wild prior to the reels stopping.

Cotton Shakin’ Wilds: Mr Frog will awake and activate a number of random wilds on the reels before symbols land and award any winnings once the reels come to a halt.

Mega Pickin’ Symbol: Either reels one/two/three, two/three/four or three/four/five will turn into a colossal symbol, which can be anything (except the scatter symbol). This symbol will cover three whole reels and will act the same way as if there were nine individual symbols. 

Rootin’ Tootin’ Multiplier: Mr Frog will trigger a random multiplier for any payouts on this particular spin only. Mr Frog will let out an enormous burp and a multiplier will float from his mouth whilst the reels are spinning.

Bonus Diggin’ Chance: For this spin, there is a greater chance of triggering the bonus. Mr Frog will fire extra bonus symbols onto reels one and three during the spin. The reels will begin to slow down and grind to a halt, exposing lots of bonus symbols and now providing a 50% chance that reel five will trigger the Free Spins Bonus.

Hilly Billy Rewind: During the main game, if the scatter appears on reels one and three, Mr Frog will awake and occasionally he'll whistle and rewind the reel so that the Free Spins trigger symbol is activated on reel five.

Clod Hopping Cash Bugs: Mr Frog will notice bugs arriving and buzzing around the screen. Each of them will have cash prize multipliers associated to them. If Mr Frog splats one of them, it will award the player a win separate from any reel win. Wins will vary between 2x and 50x of the current stake.

If that wasn't enough, you've also got Frogs Free Spins! The Bonus Scatter Symbols will trigger the Free Spins feature when they appear on reels one, three and five.

Upon triggering the feature, you'll be awarded 14 Free Spins and 1 Super Spin.

During the Free Spins, you'll be presented with a river with moving lily pads and logs. The top and bottom row will have at random, logs moving right to left, and the middle row will have lily pads moving left to right. If a ‘Frog’ Wild symbol lands on a log or a lily pad, they will pay associated paylines but then ‘stick’ on that object and float left/right accordingly per spin.

Wild Frogs that do not land on an object will ‘splash’ into the water. They will still contribute to a payline but will spin off every spin. ‘Wild Frogs’ that land on objects remain ‘Wild’ (sticky) in play and travel across the reels with the log or lily pad.

When the ‘Wild Frog’ symbols move off to the right or left of the screen, they will be collected. All ‘Wild Frog’ symbols that move off left or right of the reels will be stored, so they can enrich the ‘Super Spin’ event after the final Free Spin.

The amount of ‘Wilds Frogs’ collected left of the screen will correlate to the amount of wilds added to the reels for the final ‘Super Spin’.

Wild Frogs collected 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
Super Spin Wilds applied 2 2 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

All ‘Wild Frog’ symbols that collect on the right of the reels will go towards a multiplier award card, (see multiplier table below):

Wild Frogs collected 0 1 2 3 4 5
Super Spin Multipliers applied 1x 2x 3x 5x 10x 50x

Once the Free Spins have ended, you'll be awarded the final ‘Super Spin’ with collected wilds and multipliers as per tables above.

Overall Opinions: Who Should Play Frog of Fortune?

Frog of Fortune is the perfect game for those players who like a lot of features. With a plethora of reel modifiers, a hugely interactive Free Spins Bonus and the Super Spin to top it all off – you will be hard pressed to find a Slot that captures the imagination in the same way Mr Frog does.